my good friend "codak" invited me to exhibit some work in a show he's curating titled........ "un:earth"
the show opened last sat.night sept. 5th @ mid city arts gallery in los angeles....... its on exhibit till sept. 24th.............


To discover (Something hidden, lost, or kept secret) by investigation.

This definition perfectly describes the up coming show Un:earth located at the Mid-city Arts gallery. The show focuses on 14 artists from outside of California and from all over the United States and Abroad. In an effort to shed some light or rather “ Unearth” their talents in the California art community while focusing on a common thread, in a background of "Graffiti/Street Art”. Many have transitioned into other mediums from design/illustration to sculpture and print all the while maintaining a foothold in the street level ethics and approach that got them where they are today. So take a second and come discover a showcase of artists from a different vein, pushing boundaries in their respective communities and now getting some shine inLos Angeles.

Shok1 (United Kingdom)
Michael (Carpenter (Tennessee)
J.Shea (Oregon)
Task (Louisiana)
Dmise (Texas)
Jim Mahfood (Missouri)
Quisp (Missouri)
Illias Panayiotou (Hong Kong)
Enks (Texas)
Jeva (Louisiana)
Ben Moss (Tennessee)
Grail (Louisiana)
Sixxx (Oregon)
Will Dixon (Tennessee)
heres a few of my pieces from the show...........


chad said…
loved your work in the show, definitely some of my favorite out of the whole group! I hope to see more of your work, and maybe buy some when the economy get's it's head back straight.

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