Friends & Makers group exhibit opens in Seattle

Good pal Ryan Bubnis has curated a nice little group show titled................."Friends & Makers"
this exhibit examines the idea of............ "why we are compeled to make creatives"
the show opens November 6th,2014 at Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle ,WA...........its also the Opening
for Ryan's Solo exhibit titled "Let Us Make.....& It Will Be Alright"..............

"Friends & Makers" will feature new works from.... Devin Amato, Cate Andrews, Ashley Anson, Drew Bardana, Sean Barton, Keith Carter, Conrad Crespin, Lori D., Dominic DeVenuta, Bill Dunlap, Kinoko Evans, Evah Fan, Adam Friedman, Lauren Gonsalves, Raul Gonzalez, Cameron Hawkey, Sarah Hayes, Jim Houser, Sage Howard, Michael Hsiung, Stella Im Hultberg, Lucas Irwin, Jordin Isip, Sally Jablonsky, Rich Jacobs, Jason Jagel, Mel Kadel, Max Kauffman, Brendan Lee, Ebin Lee, August Lipp, Jon MacNair, John Malta, Samantha Mash, Mike Maxwell, Molly Mendoza, Travis Millard, Caleb Neelon, Timothy Olson, Pars,  Chris Pastras, Luke Pelletier, Joshua Petker, Andrew Pommier, Sophie Roach, Souther Salazar, J. Shea, Michael Sieben, Jason Sturgill, Deth P. Sun, Veks, Jeff Versoi, Chris Yormick.

November 6-29th 2014
Opening November 6th 5-9PM
Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle, WA.